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iOS 7 speed test: iPhone 4, 4S and 5 in comparison - Chip Online

iPhone 5: iOS 7 runs very smoothly here.

We test the performance of iOS 7 on the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5, and show you which iPhone runs smoothly – and that jerky. After all is not right on any device speed.

Since iOS 7 Beta 1 Apple has made many detailed changes to the system and continuously improving performance. Are the rumors, only a beta version released before the final release – a great deal, is unlikely to change, therefore, to iOS 7th We have therefore been looking at how well Apple’s system running on the iPhone models 4, 4S and 5.

Performance Comparison: iPhone 5 tops, iPhone 4 flops

In our speed test, we conducted a few standard apps like Apple’s mapping service, and the phone function open Safari to see how long it takes the applications until they are ready . We have also measured how liquid the Control Center and can use the Notification Center, and how choppy the general operation on the home screen.

Direct comparison. early in the boot process is the iPhone 4 significantly

The older the iPhone, the worse the performance

the iPhone 5, we could not detect any specific delays, a micro stuttering occurs only occasionally, such as when loading of graphics in the browser or the App Store. Total running iOS 7 here but very fast. A somewhat different picture was observed on the iPhone 4S: iOS 7 stutters frequently, especially if an app is invoked for the first time and it is not in memory. Also, the operation feels slightly carrier to – but the differences from the iPhone 5 are often so low that they will not notice many users only in direct comparison

three year old iPhone 4 is clearly behind that of the other two iPhones.. Whether we navigate through the home screens, open or close apps, scrolling in the browser or calling cards: iOS 5 beta 7 iPhone 4 and do not fit together properly

For further details and exact performance differences between iPhone. 4, 4S and 5 you can see in this video.

iOS 7: On the iPhone 4, no fun

iPhones show some clear differences in performance, especially the iPhone 4 and has jerky constantly overwhelmed with iOS 7th Of course we must not forget that it is different generations of devices with different hardware power for iPhone 4, 4S and 5. Still, iOS 6 runs round on the older devices. Apple has until the final version but still some time to compensate for the differences. Failure to do, especially iPhone 4 owners are unlikely to appreciate the upgrade.
video: iOS 7 speed test with iPhone 5, 4S and 4

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 From: IkaRu5 on: 13:08:13 01:09
So I do not know, but slowly I feel the Apple dies.
I myself switched from iphone 4 on the LG P880 .
If you consider that both phones are in the same price level … ^ ^
Even with the tablet choice I’d rather have opted for one with HDMI output and flash … No regrets
Watch their latest Android 4.x seems almost to run without stuttering. The operation is partially convenient than iOS and a jailbreak is not needed :)
So when the iPhone 5S is not Apple think there revolutionized :/
From: Partitionator on: 13:08:13 01:34
Well I do not think Aüüle Ishit could sell and to live by it. Since there are enough for the most important criterion n-eaten apple is …
From: gamer freak david on: 13:08:13 02:38
No, Apple will not die. Company overpriced, but oh well, who needs the bitten apple, please …
From: TheJens90 on: 13:08:13 08:48
Apple will indeed Sale dips experience, but because there are still enough people who buy Apple just because there is a Angefutterter apple on it.
And in a material estimated value of 30? with an Iphone, which will not be just as fast in the Lousy and “die” right?
From: Smurfit on: 13:08:13 09:40
addition, it is not just the iPhone, which is sold by Apple … A. yes sold a whole “lifestyle”. Which already is the question to what extent, the “hype” and still declining unless something really new comes – and the sales of everything outside of the iPhone already takes more and more from

Just “It is 0.2 mm larger. the camera has more megapixels “is not enough …

From: trippled on: 13:08:13 11:24
Apple will not die so fast. As long as the Android manufacturer every 2 weeks boring plastic scrap Phones raushauen with small improvements, not adjusted firmware and maladaptive Apps and adjust after 2 months of support, because the devices anyway flopping and as long as Android is as safe as Windows 98, there will be enough customers enter that land at Apple. Apple still has some advantages that no other manufacturer. Since

Alone also benefits the best Bling Bling nothing system. Already in the points, service, support and Updatepoltik Apple is unbeatable. The iPhone 4 is 3 years old and still gets iOS 7 Customers of a 3 year old Android phones can only dream of an update. Who have given up the hope of quick updates after a few months. Android 4.3 runs on a 3 year old Android Phone worse than iOS 7 on the iPhone 4 But this worry Android users no longer have to do anyway. You do not get it so either way. Apple is far from death, not the Android manufacturer botch it so long again himself. And Microsoft and Windows Phone you need not at first talk. Which will never threaten Apple. Since Apple laughs at most only broken.

From: Smurfit on: 13:08:13 12:25
Do I look little different … Apple also builds itself enough scrap. The iPhone is and was z.T. also processed real cheap, and for its great hardware Apple is not famous with the best will
., the (original) Accessory costs real money and is not necessarily processed peak, and even with updates there are often problems My Samsung
runs in any case much safer, better and faster than the iPhone my girlfriend
And that goes not just for smartphones:.., there’s a reason why the market breaks just outside the smartphone segment. MacBooks for example, simply do not what the price seems to promise, even if the real glaring problems of the old hardware Plastikmacbooks maybe a thing of the past.
Know also plenty of people who really had problems with Apple’s service, the warranty period of the nice iPhone is a joke. So I do think that Apple really should ever worry about. But the company’s policy is now not &# 8220;We focus on quality,” but “only an iPhone is an iPhone.”

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